The transition of the Centre was achieved through the implementation of the following key initiatives:


The merger of the Small Enterprise Development Unit (SEDU) of the Grenada Development Bank with the Business Resource Centre August 2006


The change of the Centre’s name from Business Resource Centre to the Business Development Centre


The provision of technical support under the Business Gateway Project to include the establishment of an enterprise tracking system, strengthening the capacity of staff, a study of the enabling environment, and technical support to SME’s


The expansion of the service offering to include a business library and information unit


The provision of further technical support under the Public Sector Modernization Project to include enhancing the capacity of staff to provide business training, establishment of a training facility and the provision of training to SME’s

We provide services to small businesses in all industries including tourism and hospitality, agri-business, agro-processing, entertainment, transportation, construction, farming, fishing, creative (arts and craft), distribution and retail.