We create an awareness of entrepreneurship by delivering presentations at schools and in various communities. We also deliver entrepreneurial skills training to potential entrepreneurs who are desirous of starting their own businesses.

Business Skills

BDC focuses on enhancing the competencies of existing business owners and managers by transferring knowledge and entrepreneurship skills to empower them to increase the competitiveness of their businesses.

Technical Skills

BDC also provides technical training in key areas such as soap making, creating products from recycled materials and making lotions among others.

Grant Assistance

Grant assistance, once available, is provided to facilitate the start-up of enterprises and to upgrade enterprises. GIDC is currently providing grants to start-up under the Enterprise Business Development Component of the Climate Smart Agriculture and Rural Enterprise Programme.

Technical Assistance

MSMEs with the potential to export or are desirous of upgrading, growing or expanding their business will receive handholding support from the BDC team.

We will help you diagnose impediments to growth, provide you with recommendations to improve, and assist you in executing those recommendations. Handholding support can range from advice and inventory management to market research, access to markets, and other tasks dependent on the specific needs of your business.