Increasing the Value Added to Nutmeg

Increasing the Value Added to Nutmeg in Grenada was a programme launched between 2013-2016 and funded by the Caribbean Development Bank under its CARTFUND Programme.

The GIDC signed a grant agreement with the Caribbean Development Bank in 2013 under its Caribbean Aid for Trade and Regional Integration Trust Fund (CARTfund) programme to increase the production and export of value-added nutmeg products utilizing the pericarp. The key milestones under this project included the formation of the Genesis Added Value Nutmeg Co-operative Society Limited, trained trainers and women agro-processors in the production of the products, facilitated the production, wholesale and retail of 12 varieties of jams and jellies by the women agro-processors, developed a formulations manual, refurbished and equipped the Produce Chemist Laboratory as well as facilitated the access to local markets for the products.